Thursday, August 12, 2010

Volcano Explosion

Today (12th of August) for reading my group Kikorangi did some volcano making. We got to make some baking powder, vinegar volcano's we were split up into some groups of 3 and 4, what we did first was go down to our sandpit make the base of the volcano in a box and then shape it into our actual model, once we had finished shaping make sure the structure of the volcano was alright and hard enough for it not to brake we started putting little grass jungles, mud, piles of rocks (to look like little craters hit the VOL), (VOL=volcano), with some caves and little people. So once we had the sculpture of the VOL we had to bring it back up to the class but because the sand was not solid and stable it was starting to crumble and look like an earthquake (which was pretty cool, so we left it) after we got it back up too class we read the instructions on what to do with the vinegar and baking powder the instructions said half a cup of vinegar and a little bit of baking powder. We did what it said took the cups out side and tipped the baking powder into the hole of the VOL after that it was a big as explosion.....COOL AS!! MEAN MAN!!!.......and then we took apart the volcano braking it down to the sandpit as we were doing that we found some baking powder in the VOL that looked like some little rocks (we were for about 1-2mins baking powder minors!:P) and yeah we made it and then busted it so yeah...BYE BYE signed out from Ezrah.

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Anonymous said...

cool atleast yours worked I made one once but it didn't work so cool good work.Nice adding a bit of text orwhat ever it is into your writing AWSOME.

By Courtney:)