Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Coolest Volcano EVER!

Miss Davies had called the Kikorangi group (Blue) for reading. She had told us that we had to make a volcano made of sand or dirt. We chose sand. Miss Davies then told us that we had to split into groups. There was 2 groups. 1 had 3 people and the 2nd had 4 people. In my group I had Ezrah, Leija and Maristelle. Miss Davies had told us to get 2 boxes.
My group had rushed to the sandpit. Our box was half full. We had to add more sand on the middle so we could make the volcano. We patted the volcano and the land to make it soft. We added some water to make it hard. Ezrah and I picked some rocks and grass. The volcano was ready! Ezrah and I carried it but it was to heavy and it was breaking a part. So Leija saw Mr Sonny and asked him if we could borrow his trolley. He said yes. We had reached room 17 and began putting baking soda and vinegar on the volcanos hole. When it exploded it went on one side. Miss Davies then told us we had to try and figure how to make it better. It was the other groups turn. Their one was great! They tried it again after ours. It was my groups turn. It went good. Every group had to put their volcano back to the sand pit. It was all over.

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