Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blart {The Boy who didn't want to SAVE THE WORLD!}

"I'm gonna go feed the pigs!" shouted Blart to his Grandpa. Blart loves pigs, nothing can take Blart away from his pigs! But he is forced to be taken away from them because he is the first son, of the first son, of the first son, and I could go on but I won't. For he is the only one that can defeat Zoltab and his Minions from taking over the world!

Blart has misty blue eyes and a very dirty face. His hair is a greasy brown and it is really messy. Blart has ears as big as an elephants! He wears dark, old, raggy clothes that are very low in style. His shoes are as old and ugly as his Grandpa. [ And that is reallly ugly!!]

It is very hard to get a smile out of Blart mostly because he is not a very happy boy and because he hasn't been taught to have a heart. He loves pigs and is always spending time with them. He is not very smart and dosen't even know what the ocean is! Blart is quite bad at lying and trys to get out of things by lying.

I remember once when Blart and Capablanca [The wizard who sent Blart on his Zoltab mission], were looking for a horse to travel on and once they had caught the horse they named him. Capablanca had thought of some names like " Magic " but the horse didn't like them so Blart said " Lets name him PIG!" The horse liked this name so Pig the horse it was!!

Overall I think Blart is quite selfish and is not a very caring person. Don't get me wrong he didn't choose to defeat Zoltab, he got forced to. Blart didn't at all want to defeat Zoltab he would have let man-kind down, if he had the choice!!

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Anonymous said...

Thatis totally one of the best blogs you've written I deffinatly like the part about his grandpa and him being ugly and stuff'

By Courtney:)