Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weather Alert & Volcano Awakes

Two weeks ago I was told to read a book called "Weather Alert" for my reading. Weather alert was about Cyclones, Hurricanes, Thunderstorms, Tornadoes and Typhoons. When I was done reading the book I got a sheet which said " Words, words, words" That meant I had to find 7 words that I didn't understand. I was pleased with my words. I had to do the next option from the sheet. The words from the sheet said "The Glass Eye" And I said "What the heck was the glass eye?" Then my friend said " The glass eye is a reading sheet in your box. Everyone has it" I said " Oh Thank very much " So I got the sheet and started writing the answers. Finally I was almost done. I just had one more to go! The sheet said " Make a Mini Weather Project " I was so excited! So I got to work. These were the things I needed to make the project. A box, sticking tape, scissors and colouring pencils. I made a mini Tornado! I was happy with my project!

One week later I was told again to read another book called " Volcano Awakes " Now this time I had to do the same things. When I was searching for 7 words the words were really easy. I couldn't find the words I didn't know. But luckily I found 7. The next option I had to do was to get the reading sheet called " Looking for Trouble " I knew where it was and got it. The last option I had to do was to make a model volcano. I still have not completed my task but I'm still trying.

Dark Zones adventure

In class we are doing reading and for reading my group Kikorangi [blue], we are learning about caving and what to do and what not to do and the equipment you need.
Also all of the different species that live in caves and the food chain, as well as the different specimens and plants the most odd in my opinion is Stalactites and Stalagmites.
Here is the funniest part and the grossest is that crickets and Bats leave their poop [Guano] and then Snails and Round worms eat it eeeeewwwww!
There is another thing you need to know never ever take anything from a cave as a souvenir or touch anything in a cave or, don't be silly enough to eat stuff off the walls or the floor or you could be eating poop [Guano]!
For the last thing we are doing we have to do a news report on caving.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Mary Celeste

I think there was a mutiny on board the Mary Celeste, this is what I think happend;
Five of the crewmen on the Mary Celeste got into the cargo of alcohol and got drunk. Then they got the captains sword and started killing the rest of the people on board, once they had done that the threw the people they had killed overboard. Then after they had done that, they felt guilty so they used the blood-stanied sword to make cut marks around the boat so it looks like pirates had boarded, then in a hurry the five crewmen took the captains papers a got away in the life boat.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Atarah's Mary Celeste Theory

What I think happened to the Mary Celeste is that there was a mutiny. The clues say that there was bloodstains in a few places and on a sword. I think that when the captain and his family were thrown overboard, after a while the crew realized that they would get in trouble so they just dropped or left whatever they were doing. That is why there are a few broken things on board. After that they left with the rope on the life boat just in case they had to build a raft. I think they also took the sextant, so that they can navigate their way around. They also took the chronometer so that they could keep track of time. They also took a few pieces of paper. I also think they probably left because there was a leak.That is why the deck pump was recently measured and that is why there was also water in the gully. They didn't want people to know that they had killed the captain and his family so they cut marks on the side of the bow and on the starboard rail, so that people would think is what something or somebody else. I also think they watered down the alcohol and drank after they killed the captain and his family. They left with the lifeboat, the rope, the sextant, the chronometer and the papers. That is what I think happened to the Mary Celeste.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Awesome Reading in Anawhata

On Monday 26 April my group(Whero the red group) all got a book called 'The Volcano Awakes'!
It was a really awesome book because it told us all about Volcanoes. Like when a Volcano erupts - rocks come down at a speed of 60 kilomteres and faster.
Our first activity was green hat and white hat thinking. This is when you write down all the new thing we learn from what we have read and the white hat is when you write down all the new facts you learnt.
Our next activity was to choose 7 new or unusual words and write then down to show we know what the word means.
My third activity was a sheet we had to complete the sheet was called "The Glass Eye" this was easy because what you had to do was there were some sentences with some gaps in the sentences and under the of all the words was a little box with words in it those were all the word that fit into the gaps.
My last activity and most favourite I had to make a model volcano, at first we had to plan it, I was sitting at my desk for a while because I couldn't think of anything but just when I said 'I couldn't think of anything' well I did! So I had finish planning what I had thought of as quick as I could. Then I hop out of my seat and I said 'lests do it!'
First I got a box and one peace of black paper and one big peace of white paper then after that I got the black piece of paper and what I did with It was rolled it up like a big toliet roll then I put it into the little box then I got the white paper and cut It into sort of big peaces of stips then I cellataped the four peace to the top of the paper to the top of the black paper then I stuck the other end of the paper the the bottum of the box. Then after that I painted my volcano black then while It was drying I got some sand from my friend Leija and sprinkled a little sand all over the volcano and I put some little rocks on it as well.
Finally I knew that I was FINISHED.