Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weather Alert & Volcano Awakes

Two weeks ago I was told to read a book called "Weather Alert" for my reading. Weather alert was about Cyclones, Hurricanes, Thunderstorms, Tornadoes and Typhoons. When I was done reading the book I got a sheet which said " Words, words, words" That meant I had to find 7 words that I didn't understand. I was pleased with my words. I had to do the next option from the sheet. The words from the sheet said "The Glass Eye" And I said "What the heck was the glass eye?" Then my friend said " The glass eye is a reading sheet in your box. Everyone has it" I said " Oh Thank very much " So I got the sheet and started writing the answers. Finally I was almost done. I just had one more to go! The sheet said " Make a Mini Weather Project " I was so excited! So I got to work. These were the things I needed to make the project. A box, sticking tape, scissors and colouring pencils. I made a mini Tornado! I was happy with my project!

One week later I was told again to read another book called " Volcano Awakes " Now this time I had to do the same things. When I was searching for 7 words the words were really easy. I couldn't find the words I didn't know. But luckily I found 7. The next option I had to do was to get the reading sheet called " Looking for Trouble " I knew where it was and got it. The last option I had to do was to make a model volcano. I still have not completed my task but I'm still trying.

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