Thursday, August 19, 2010


On sunday the 11th of August Me and my friend Daniel are going gun shooting we are shooting at targets. Daniels dad is taking us to shoot same guns. I have to get up early in the morning. I have to have ear muffs too.
The 16th of August Shooting is fun me and Daniel went shooting we had a Ruger 10 22 daniels dad had a m14 It was loud even when we had ear muffs a man next to us had a Russian WW2 gun. I was good with a ruger 10 22. It was fun because Igot to look through a scope.
the 17th of August when I got to hold the gun I was worried at first because it was my first time shooting a gun. It was fun when I got the hang of it. I aimed the gun and I said ok and Daniels dad took the safety off. Then I pulled the trigger and it fired!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blart {The Boy who didn't want to SAVE THE WORLD!}

"I'm gonna go feed the pigs!" shouted Blart to his Grandpa. Blart loves pigs, nothing can take Blart away from his pigs! But he is forced to be taken away from them because he is the first son, of the first son, of the first son, and I could go on but I won't. For he is the only one that can defeat Zoltab and his Minions from taking over the world!

Blart has misty blue eyes and a very dirty face. His hair is a greasy brown and it is really messy. Blart has ears as big as an elephants! He wears dark, old, raggy clothes that are very low in style. His shoes are as old and ugly as his Grandpa. [ And that is reallly ugly!!]

It is very hard to get a smile out of Blart mostly because he is not a very happy boy and because he hasn't been taught to have a heart. He loves pigs and is always spending time with them. He is not very smart and dosen't even know what the ocean is! Blart is quite bad at lying and trys to get out of things by lying.

I remember once when Blart and Capablanca [The wizard who sent Blart on his Zoltab mission], were looking for a horse to travel on and once they had caught the horse they named him. Capablanca had thought of some names like " Magic " but the horse didn't like them so Blart said " Lets name him PIG!" The horse liked this name so Pig the horse it was!!

Overall I think Blart is quite selfish and is not a very caring person. Don't get me wrong he didn't choose to defeat Zoltab, he got forced to. Blart didn't at all want to defeat Zoltab he would have let man-kind down, if he had the choice!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Coolest Volcano EVER!

Miss Davies had called the Kikorangi group (Blue) for reading. She had told us that we had to make a volcano made of sand or dirt. We chose sand. Miss Davies then told us that we had to split into groups. There was 2 groups. 1 had 3 people and the 2nd had 4 people. In my group I had Ezrah, Leija and Maristelle. Miss Davies had told us to get 2 boxes.
My group had rushed to the sandpit. Our box was half full. We had to add more sand on the middle so we could make the volcano. We patted the volcano and the land to make it soft. We added some water to make it hard. Ezrah and I picked some rocks and grass. The volcano was ready! Ezrah and I carried it but it was to heavy and it was breaking a part. So Leija saw Mr Sonny and asked him if we could borrow his trolley. He said yes. We had reached room 17 and began putting baking soda and vinegar on the volcanos hole. When it exploded it went on one side. Miss Davies then told us we had to try and figure how to make it better. It was the other groups turn. Their one was great! They tried it again after ours. It was my groups turn. It went good. Every group had to put their volcano back to the sand pit. It was all over.

Volcano Explosion

Today (12th of August) for reading my group Kikorangi did some volcano making. We got to make some baking powder, vinegar volcano's we were split up into some groups of 3 and 4, what we did first was go down to our sandpit make the base of the volcano in a box and then shape it into our actual model, once we had finished shaping make sure the structure of the volcano was alright and hard enough for it not to brake we started putting little grass jungles, mud, piles of rocks (to look like little craters hit the VOL), (VOL=volcano), with some caves and little people. So once we had the sculpture of the VOL we had to bring it back up to the class but because the sand was not solid and stable it was starting to crumble and look like an earthquake (which was pretty cool, so we left it) after we got it back up too class we read the instructions on what to do with the vinegar and baking powder the instructions said half a cup of vinegar and a little bit of baking powder. We did what it said took the cups out side and tipped the baking powder into the hole of the VOL after that it was a big as explosion.....COOL AS!! MEAN MAN!!!.......and then we took apart the volcano braking it down to the sandpit as we were doing that we found some baking powder in the VOL that looked like some little rocks (we were for about 1-2mins baking powder minors!:P) and yeah we made it and then busted it so yeah...BYE BYE signed out from Ezrah.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


"Lets name it Pig!" Blart said. Blart really likes pigs. He's really dirty so I might call him a pig as well. But he is the first son of the first son of the first son... the list goes on forever! Because he is the first son of the first son and so on he is the only one who can defeat Zoltab and his minions!

Blart is really dirty. He doesn't really what he looks like and I don't even think he takes a shower! He wears rags made out of really thin material because his grandfather couldn't be bothered to buy better and because they couldn't afford it. Blart has blonde hair and blue eyes. His blonde hair is as messy as a pig sty. He's not much of a neat person but do you know in the book for the first and last time in his life he actually cared about what he looked like!

Now Blart's behaviour is that of animals including a pig. He's stubborn like a mule and filthy like a pig. Blart isn't that bright. He hadn't and education as his grandpa and him were poor. He is really lazy and if you asked him to do anything he would just ignore you. One of Blart's common's sentences is "Why should I" Blart is also a bit arrogant.Pigs were his life . You could say bad things about his family but all he cared about were his pigs... his precious ,stinky, filthy pigs. Well that's Blart for you!

I remember when Capablanca arrived at Blart's house to take him on his Stopping Zoltab mission and Blart didn't want to go so Capablanca turned the table into a pig so that Blart might be a bit scared. But sadly the great wizard Capablanca didn't know that Blart loved pigs. "Do it again! Do it again!" exclaimed Blart. When Capablanca turned the pig back into a table Blart had no choice but to go with Capablanca because he kept on falling in mud puddles!

Blart is a really selfish boy. He's messy, dumb, silly, mean, raw and whole lot of other things but one thing is for sure he didn't choose to go on a mission to defeat Zoltab and his army!
Do you think he can save himself? Do you think he can save mankind? Do you think he can save the world?!