Friday, July 23, 2010

Blart Book Review

Blart, The Boy Who Saved The World, has been the story we've been reading in Room 17. It is a story about a kid who is called Blart and he really loves Pigs but, hes not the brightest person.

One day a wizard called Capablanca comes to Blarts House and tells Blart how he is the only one to save the world from Zoltab and says he is the first son of the first son of the etc etc etc... Blart doesn't want to save the world but he is forced to by Capablanca's curse on him that whenever he walked away from Capablanca his legs get tangled and he trips into the mud! But, when he walks to Capablanca everything is just right and nothing happens.

They finally meet a warrior called Beowulf in an inn and they go on the quest to stop Zoltab together and as they keep walking they thought about capturing a horse that can carry three people at a time. They go to a mountain where they could find the horse and then Capablanca traps them all inside a rock tunnel he makes with his magic and both Beowulf and Blart get a rope and they try to catch them with it but Beowulf misses and Blart captures the Biggest one there. They manage to control it and it becomes their horse. They name it Pig, the only name he likes.

They go to find a friend Nimzo for knowledge about Zoltab but it's not really what they expected from a wizard (a retired one). They find out that Pig can fly, from Nimzo's knowledge and they finally helped him learn to fly but then they get attacked by Zoltab's Minions. Beowulf falls off into the sea and then he gets rescued by Blart after a lot of thrashing about and when they reach land Beowulf moans about his armour is rusting.
Then read on to find out what happens next because we won't tell you! Well, thats only because thats where we stopped.

Its an awesome book and everyone in the class is enjoying it. You should read it! It is very interesting and funny too.

It can be found in the chapters section in the library and don't forget to read on for the next books. THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!