Monday, March 29, 2010

Secret Codes for Reading!

We have been learning about codes as a reading activity, it is cool, creative and fun.
We have been learning about different types of secret codes. Morse code, number codes, cipher wheels and the nato phonetic alphabet - we have been doing it in and out of class. It is our fun current reading activity.
Number codes are probably the easiest to do - then the hardest is the morse code.
We got into smaller groups and we read the 4 pieces of paper out of the book The Dangerous Book for Boys, and to practice the codes in our little notebooks. We got to write our name in three different ways. The cipher wheel was to hard because we couldn't understand it. It was so much fun!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fun with Reading

We did some fun activities for reading this term. All of the groups did different things - made a movie, created a giant mural about the book The Magic Finger, read about some Matchbox tricks, learnt about different secret codes and wrote messages using Navy flags. It was great fun that we almost forgot we were doing Reading!

Fun Tricks

On Thursday the Mangu group did some freaky tricks. One of the tricks was called the blood trick and the second was the Bee trick.
On the blood trick we used match boxes, cotton wool and red vivid to make it look like blood. We then told people we cut off our finger - it was a great trick of a finger. Everybody thought our finger were bleeding but it was just red vivid.
To make the red Bee we put a red vivid letter B to make it think we caught a red bee. It was funny when everyone thought we caught a dead Bee. We told everybody that it was a trick.
We enjoyed it when people thought we had cut our finger for real.

Fun Matchbox Tricks

Today, on Thursday 25 March we did some magic things with matchboxes. I'll tell you the things that you need to do for the magic finger trick.
We got some match boxes then we had to get sciccors and cut a hole in it. Then we got some cotton wool and cut a hole in it as well. We got a red vivid and put some fake blood on and put it on the cotton wool.
At the end we made people believe that we cut off our finger. Try and make your own.

Matchbox Tricks

On the 25th of March 2010, room 17's Mangu reading group read about some matchbox tricks. Miss Davies told us to work together. We all got the stuff ready for the trick. Viliami, Abhishek, Bridget, Samantha, Ruby and Anjali all did the magic tricks. The first trick was that we got a matchbox and cut a hole in it. Then we placed the cotton wool in the box, coloured it red to make it look like blood. We then put our middle finger through the hole, bent it so that it looked like our finger was cut off. They said it looked fake! So don't try it.
The second trick was that we get a matchbox and write the letter B in the colour red and we showed some people in the class. We told them that we got a red bee and they fell for it - kind off.
We learnt that reading can be fun!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Welcome to Read n' Blog 2010!

This is all new to us, so it may be a slow start. Our aim here is to 'just write'. We want a chance to write our stories, poems, recounts - basically anything that means something to us.
So have a read and leave a comment - we really enjoy getting feedback, as it helps us to improve and enhance what we write.
Enjoy our blog one and all!