Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Atarah's Mary Celeste Theory

What I think happened to the Mary Celeste is that there was a mutiny. The clues say that there was bloodstains in a few places and on a sword. I think that when the captain and his family were thrown overboard, after a while the crew realized that they would get in trouble so they just dropped or left whatever they were doing. That is why there are a few broken things on board. After that they left with the rope on the life boat just in case they had to build a raft. I think they also took the sextant, so that they can navigate their way around. They also took the chronometer so that they could keep track of time. They also took a few pieces of paper. I also think they probably left because there was a leak.That is why the deck pump was recently measured and that is why there was also water in the gully. They didn't want people to know that they had killed the captain and his family so they cut marks on the side of the bow and on the starboard rail, so that people would think is what something or somebody else. I also think they watered down the alcohol and drank after they killed the captain and his family. They left with the lifeboat, the rope, the sextant, the chronometer and the papers. That is what I think happened to the Mary Celeste.


Anonymous said...

Atarah you must be good at reading because i got hooked in what your story was telling me maybey you could do it again some time thanks Atarah

Atarah said...

This blog was really fun to write because I could really use my detectivness and try to solve the mystery! It was really fun when I had to use the clues and piece the puzzle together because some of the time I tried to say something else but it didn't relate to the clues so that is why I enjoyed doing this blog.

Anonymous said...

Cool mystery Atarah

Lily said...

this is one of the biggest mysteries the world has ever seen and I think that you solved it
4 girls in RADICAL have been trying to work this out we think that there was something wrong with the route

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