Monday, June 14, 2010

Nicholas Nickleby

In room 17 we are (obviously) doing reading and half of my group, Mangu is reading Nicholas Nickleby and it is about a 19 year old that works for Dotheboys Hall as an assistant teacher with a headmaster Mr Squeers who hurts the kids if they do something wrong because Nicholas's father died and he has no money .
Smike mostly gets hurt and he doesn't want to go to the school anymore. Mrs Squeers feeds the children Brimstone and Treacle because it's cheap and it spoils their appetite.

Nicholas sometimes talks to Smike and Smike asks about the outside world, outside of Dotheboys Hall and one day Smike thinks of running away and he runs away but then gets found by Mr and Mrs Squeers. He stars getting really tortured by Mr Squeers with a cane but then Nicholas Nickleby stops Mr Squeers and then he leaves the school with Smike.

We also have to do a worksheet about the book and one of the activities are to design a schoool using Kid Pix on the computer or in your book. Another activity is a Summary about what happens in the story and other activity of 5 things you would never have happen at your school like torture the kids for just doing one thing wrong and you also have to write why.
Some other activities are to do iRead on the computer and comment on other people's blogs. Another activity is doing a worksheet which sometimes have nothing to do with the book we're reading but it is still about reading.

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